Ways to improve your facebook ad results

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17 January 2022
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Some simple tactics can help you maximize the performance of your Facebook campaigns, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


1. Combine Multiple Objectives in a Single Ad

If your business is relatively new or has a small customer base, consider optimizing your campaign for multiple benefits simultaneously. Although this practice is not recommended for larger businesses that want to put all of their efforts into one objective, optimizing for several objectives can be effective for small budgets.

In the ad below, a Facebook page with a relatively small audience is trying to promote their page and encourage likes. Notice they’ve included a link to their site and are using the ad to promote their blog.



2. Build Lookalike Audiences From the Highest-Quality Source Audience

We are starting with Cold audiences because they are the cornerstone of building a sustainable business.

You need to attract and convert new Cold audiences of potential customers into Warm audiences. You can’t just run Facebook ads to your Warm and Hot audiences. In doing so, you eventually hit audience saturation if you are not actively converting Cold audiences into Warm audiences.



3.Take Advantage of Targeting Features to Refine Your Audience

To create a low-cost, high-performing Facebook ad, you need to narrow down your target audience. This will help ensure your ads reach the right people, giving you the best chance of success. You’ll also avoid spending money serving ads to people who won’t be interested in your business.



4. For High-Traffic Websites, Target a Three-day Website Audience

Finally, this is a more advanced Facebook targeting tip for your high-traffic website business. If you are generating more than 1,000 pixeled people per day visiting your website, then target ads at a 3-day website custom audience of all traffic.

Unlike with the previous tip where you’d use the Traffic or Conversion campaign objective to target your 180-day website custom audience, it is better to use the Reach objective targeting this 3-day audience as you have a small but hyper-responsive target audience where you want to reach as many people as possible.



5. Create a Custom Schedule

Spraying ads all over at various times isn’t wise. It can wear out target audiences and significantly drive up your cost-of-customer-acquisition. Prevent this by honing your approach. Define the audiences you want to reach and target ads to them at specific times when they’re most likely to engage.

6. Build Automated Rules: These rules automatically check your campaigns, ad sets and ads, and then notify you of any changes. Done correctly, the rules provide valuable insights that enable the optimization/alteration of ads so they can have the most success. They also can help reduce the time needed to manage your ads, as they can take the necessary actions for you.


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