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20 April 2022
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Edit Feature on Twitter

Edit Feature on Twitter: Can users track the editing process?

TikTok is testing a feature that allows users to dislike individual comments on videos, the company confirmed it.

The feature is already being tested in selected regions.

Accordingly, new updates should help users to keep control of their interactions on the portal. In addition, the new features are intended to promote friendliness on TikTok.

“This community feedback will add to the range of factors we already use to help keep the comment section consistently relevant and a place for genuine engagement,” TikTok says.

Users also cannot see how often, for example, a comment has been rejected. TikTok explains that the feature is intended to help users flag content that may be spam or doesn't make sense in the context of the video.

Comments can be provided with dislikes, but you can only see the assigned dislike yourself. It is therefore not displayed for others. This could make sense if someone stands out negatively in the comments and you might recognize that directly because their comment has been provided with hundreds of dislikes. But dislikes are of course a double-edged sword. If many of the commentators are in a certain bubble, opinions that simply don't fit into the picture quickly reap dislikes. This tends to prevent constructive discussions.

Aside from the private dislike button, TikTok also plans to experiment with a reminder feature that can guide users to the comment filter, bulk block, and delete options. These would be displayed to users whose videos receive a lot of negative comments.

The company also says it’s experimenting with sending reminders about features like comment filtering and bulk block and delete to creators who receive a high volume of negative comments. Decisions about whether to roll out the feature in full will be made in the coming weeks, according to TikTok.

Do dislike buttons make sense?
TikTok's dislike button is not new, platforms such as YouTube and Reddit also offer users the opportunity to mark comments with "I don't like".

Dislike buttons can be misused against individual users. This not only leads to emotional insecurities on an individual level, but can also severely limit the distribution of content on the platforms and thus reduce success. So it makes sense for social media companies to scrutinize how and for what downvote features should be used - just like TikTok is currently doing.


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