Instagram rolls out new “Your activity” feature

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05 April 2022
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A new "Your activity" feature on Instagram has been rolled out, which will allow users to access their posts, stories, and profile through a single login. This will allow users to easily get back into the app and browse their content from any device. Other social media platforms are following suit as well with a similar function. This can help save time for busy professionals who are eager to access their content for work purposes on the go.

The new feature is set up especially for people who use multiple devices or share with friends. Users simply need to sign in with an existing Instagram account, or create one if needed from scratch, on any device before logging back into the app later at home or work. Once the login has been completed, the user will have a single access to the "Your activity" menu.

It is specifically designed for people who are on Instagram for work purposes, and can use their client's website or app to view their Instagram posts for editorial content to include in their content, as well as being able to keep an eye on what their clients are posting. The new feature is also convenient for users who would like to save time by viewing posts without having a separate login from other social media platforms. They can simply log into this account and view whatever they want through one social media account if they already have one.

However, this move isn't entirely beneficial as it could also expand privacy concerns among the public.


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